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Improving the lives of people by advancing the therapeutic riding industry through innovative technology and research.

Lakeland Center is committed to providing the most effective measurable outcomes to every client served as we develop innovative programs and technology to meet the needs of our clients, community, and field of Equine Assisted Therapies.



Lakeland Center for therapeutic riding research is focused on designing and implementing innovative technology to not only increase the benefits of therapeutic riding but also scientifically measure the physical and mental improvements to its clientele.


Founder Christy Menke knew Lakeland, her grand-prix show jumper, was feisty, talented, and independent. On the jumping circuit, she also learned that Lakeland formed bonds with unlikely people….those in need of love, acceptance, and confidence building. Witnessing these bonds sparked Christy’s interest in the therapeutic riding industry. When a car accident ended her Olympic-pace career, Christy and Lakeland returned to their roots in Indiana and founded Hope Haven Horse Farm, Inc., in 2000, with the help of her mother Nancy and grandparents Ralph and Virginia.


For the next 17 years, Hope Haven focused on its mission and vision by identifying innovative and unique approaches to the field of equine assisted therapies. One of the biggest needs identified was simply that there was little to no technology available in therapeutic riding to provide hard data on its benefits.  In 2012, Hope Haven began to collaborate with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, as senior bio-medical engineering capstone students developed and advanced the use of technology in the therapeutic riding field.  Incorporating new designs into the riding lessons vastly improved clients’ experiences.


The collaboration, combination of PATH certified lessons with technology, and impressive measurable hard data retrieved sparked a change in Hope Haven’s mission, vision, and brand of the farm. On October 28, 2017, in honor of Lakeland, Christy’s jumper, Hope Haven introduced its new direction as the farm was officially re-branded the Lakeland Center for therapeutic riding research.


Lakeland Center for therapeutic riding research is centrally and conveniently located on ten acres of lovely pastures and hay fields in Coatesville, Indiana. The current facility includes an indoor arena, outdoor arena, office, lounge, tack room, accessible restrooms, and 8 (10 x12) stalls. 

Outdoor Arena
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