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“Even the smallest act of caring for another is like a drop of water, it will make ripples throughout the entire pond”  —Bryan Matteo


Facility Equipment and Maintenance
  • Hand tools, power tools, gardening tools

  • RAMM Shockline Flex Fence Electric Coated Wire (15 total 1,320 foot rolls)

  • RAMM Electric Claw Insulators

  • 4x4x8 posts for fencing (75 total)

  • 2x4x8 and 2x4x12 boards for maintenance repairs

  • Brooms, Rakes, Pitchforks, Shovels

  • Manure Spreader

  • Snow plow, Front end loader forks, Post hole tractor attachment

  • 2 Horse Trailer

  • Commercial Lawn Mower

  • Small fans, extension cords, tarps

  • Large industrial size fans

  • Small Tractor

  • Two small air conditioning units

Horse Items

  • Excel Enrich Feed

  • Feed Pans and Water Buckets

  • Rubber maid large water tubs, Tank heaters

  • Fly Spray 

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap

  • First Aid Horse Supplies (Betadine, Furazone, MicroTec, Vet Wrap, etc.)

  • Stable Bandage Wraps

  • Small and Large Mineral Blocks with Selenium (Brown color)

  • Western Saddles 16, 17, and 18 inch

  • English Saddles, 16, 17, and 18 inch

  • Western and English Bridles and Reins

  • Hay:  Orchard Grass, Timothy, or Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix

  • Clippers/Blades

  • Vaulting Surcingle and Standard Surcingle

  • Horse Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Grooming Supplies


Riders and Classroom Supplies

  • Arena Obstacle Supplies

  • Orange Cones

  • Dress up items for costume bin

  • Toys that could be used for games in arena

  • New ASTM Certified Riding helmets

  • Gait Belts

  • Crafts, Washable Paints


Multi-Purpose Supplies

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Water Bottles

  • White Copy Paper

  • Copier

  • Laptop


Gift Cards

  • SMW Feed Store (Greencastle, IN)

  • Country Orchard Store (Mooresville, IN)

  • Horse and Hound Veterinarian Clinic (Mooresville, IN)

  • Tractor Supply Company, Rural King

  • Office Supply Stores

  • Lowes, Menards, etc

  • Walmart, Meijer, Target, etc.

  • Amazon

  • State Line Tack

  • Gas Cards

  • Hobby and electronic online gift cards

  • Raspberry Pi electronics online parts,, etc.


Special Event Supplies

  • Silent Auction Items

  • Gift Cards for Silent Auctions

  • Water Bottles and Soda Cans

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