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The Lakeland Center provides unique, innovative programming that not only provides therapeutic riding but also offers documentation utilizing multiple standardized measurements and technology to provide scientifically based measurable outcomes on client goals and lesson plans.

Unspoken Neigh Project

The Unspoken Neigh Project is a program dedicated to providing equine therapy to those in need of hope and healing. Utilizing the power of personal growth via horses through ground activities to help youth navigate skills such as problem-solving, communication, team building, resource identification, and most important self-esteem and confidence. At the present time the Unspoken Neigh Project works with middle and high school students from multiple counties. 


“Pain from the past and the present, sadness, worthlessness, fear of the unknown, not meeting status quo, sacrifices made, uncertainty, and hopelessness. Yet there he was…. he did not see my outer self but rather my inner being, he saw my soul, he saw my pain, and he saw my wounds, he saw my sadness…..he did not have to speak, we did not need to speak, a gentle nudge, a breathing rhythm from his muzzle in my ear, a simple hug, forgiving and loyal, patient in his teaching, he knew my secrets but loved unconditionally,  a bond formed unlike any other….the pain began to heal, the feeling of joy and hope returned, confidence and self-esteem blossomed, the ability to find the fight to overcome the mountains became the normal day…..and all because of one horse’s unspoken neigh” –Anonymous

Little Bit Club

Initiated in Spring of 2021 to provide both Equine Adaptive Riding and Unspoken Neigh programming in combination to meet the needs of the youngest of our youth.  The Little Bit Club is offered to elementary-aged youth. 


Take the Reins

This program is under development at the present time and is expected to launch Spring of 2023. The Lakeland Center takes great pride in developing new programs to address the needs in our community. Recent international statistics indicate that post-pandemic our youth’s mental health, education, community engagement, and job preparedness has declined tremendously. Take the Reins Project will focus on combined equine adaptive services, unspoken neigh programming, and job training and skill development.   


Mobile Unit

We are excited to announce that the Mobile Unit post-pandemic will be back in full swing winter of 2022. With balance studies, over 150 riding exercises, scribe documentation, and newly developed bio-feedback technology…we are looking forward to providing in-depth measurable outcome documentation with our special needs population.


Rose-Hulman Christy Project

Continued research in providing bio-feedback assisted technology for hard data on measurable outcomes of clients served. Currently testing past and present Rose-Hulman capstone bio-medical engineering developed technology. 


Adaptive Riding

Traditional “therapeutic riding” sessions that work on physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral needs. 

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