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 “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of
a happier life for ourselves.”
 —Helen Keller


The Lakeland Center has many opportunities to volunteer on a weekly basis. We believe that our volunteers are integral to our services, significantly impacting our programming. None of our programming would be successful without the wonderful help of our volunteers. Our goal at the Lakeland Center is for you to have the best experience possible while learning and growing through changes in our industry. Sign up to become involved.


The Lakeland Center provides many different and unique volunteer opportunities including

Program Volunteers:

Barn Managers, Horse Handlers, Sidewalkers

Technology Volunteers:

Documentation, Video/Photo

Research Volunteers:

Video/Photo, Statistician, Report Compiling

Administrative Volunteers: 

Office, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations

Maintenance Volunteers: 

Upkeep of facilities

Special Event Volunteers: 

Fundraisers, Events

Special Committee Volunteers:

Board and Public Relation Committees


The Lakeland Center offers service projects throughout the year and can accommodate small and large groups.  Projects range from building and upkeep of farm projects to special event projects.  Businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations are welcome to participate in our group projects.


Some of our group projects include

  • building, painting & repairing fence 

  • deep cleaning of facility

  • mowing

  • administrative & office work

  • building of new structures

  • special events


The Lakeland Center welcomes internships from all areas of expertise. With our focus on ground breaking technological research, we provide our interns with an exciting, unique opportunity to contribute to life-changing developments in our industry. 


Opportunities include but are not limited to: 

  • research assistance

  • documentation development

  • technology advancement

  • engineering design & modifications

  • computer software assistance

  • program development

  • statisticians

  • people & animal focused programming

  • physical &occupational therapy

  • marketing & social media

  • business skills


Do you have a passion for the Lakeland Center and the work we are doing? Do you have a community network to engage? The Lakeland Center has a need for talented people who are willing to help us with our outreach in the community. The Dream Catchers are special ambassadors that have skills they wish to share and help us get our mission and vision out to the community. Become an ambassador for the Lakeland Center and help us catch a dream! 


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